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Summer Moore is a graphite and charcoal artist specializing in custom portraits and wildlife drawings. 


Summer grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, went to Parkview Baptist school and later earned a degree in graphic design. Summer practiced graphic design for a few years and when she started a family, she stepped away from work to be a dedicated mom. While at home, her passion for art kept her engaged, she really never stopped creating. She did freelance design work, web design, designed holiday cards, wedding invitations, birthday invites, as well as made and embroidered outfits for her kids and her families kids. Once her youngest started school full-time, she decided it was time to take the leap into full-time artist. Summer’s friends and family are her biggest supporters. They inspire and push her to grow as an artist.


Her pieces are differentiated in her ability to capture every little detail that makes the perfect portrait; achieved by blending her experience in computer graphics with her artistic talent.

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